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Julius Caesar’s Biography Julius Caesar is “without a doubt the most significant figure in the history of Rome” for a vast majority of reasons (Knight). Julius’ full name and official title was “General Gaius Julius Caesar” and remained so throughout his entire life (“Julius”). When Julius Caesar was born is not agreed upon between most historians. But the closest approximation is around 100 B.C.E. Julius Caesar’s family was apart of the Roman aristocracy. He died around 44 B.C.E. He was murdered by a group of “60 influential Romans” and was stabbed “23 times” with a dagger when he entered a “senate chamber” (Knight). His assassination was planned by his “friends” “Brutus and Cassius” and the famous line “Et tu? Brutus” comes from his death…show more content…
On his way back he was “captured and ransomed by Mediterranean pirates. After his release, Caesar fulfills his promise to crucify the pirates” (“Julius”). Caesar’s ability to gain justice for himself, in defeating the Cilician pirates, is the reason that he led a “successful attack against Mithradates of Pontus” without being told to do so (Knight). These new victories were just the start of his military operations. When he “gained his first elected office as military tribune” his ego and confidence became inflated and helped him in fighting against the Roman…show more content…
Those partners were named Crassus, and Pompey. Together their power doubled and they soon became the only political figures that mattered in Rome, in “60 B.C.E, they formed the first Triumvirate” (Knight). Even though their unification strengthened their power and proved themselves the rightful rulers of Rome, their alliance was not one that the three men enjoyed or preferred. The three men promptly went their separate ways, Caesar went to “Gaul, anxious to gain more military glory, began seeking war, and soon he found it” (Knight). He fought the Helvetii, from “present-day Swizterland”, the “Suebi from Germany”, the “Celts of Britain”; he “killed around a million people from 55 to 54 B.C.E.” (Knight). When the triumvirate bond was broken because Pompey died in Egypt and Crassus died in Asia, Caesar went to Egypt, where he met Cleopatra, they began a passionate affair, and Caesar “aided her in a war against her brother, Ptolemy XII”

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