Julius Caesar Brutus Character Analysis

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Tragic Hero
In the dramatic tragedy “Julius Caesar” there are two men looked up at as the heroes. The first is Julius Caesar himself and the second is Marcus Brutus. People can argue either way which one is more fitting of the title tragic hero. However, Brutus is a more respected character in the play and all Brutus wanted was for the good of Rome. Brutus was the more deserving character because he was honorable, his tragic flaw was sympathy and his downfall caused far more pity with the audience than Caesars did.
Brutus’s honor and nobility was far greater than Caesar 's. Caesar had some very good moments of honor in the play. One of them being when he said “what touches us ourself must be served last”(3.1.8). This showed Caesar as being a non-selfish and caring for the good of Rome man. However, Brutus’s honorablity outweighed Caesar’s. Brutus said “ I love the name of honor more than I fear death”(1.2.95-96). In this small phrase Brutus said he fears death without honor more than he fears death itself. This statement really makes the audience look at Brutus as this “son of Rome” type character. It is very clear in this play that both of these characters have good traits, but it comes down to who’s good traits outweighed the other’s. In this case Brutus
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In order to be a tragic hero you must be in a position of power, have a tragic flaw, and have a downfall that is emotional for the audience. Caesar definitely has all three of those traits , but Brutus does as well and arguably a much more honorable and well lived life. Also when Caesar is killed it is by a vicious murder because he was too greedy. When Brutus dies he dies of sadness and with honor because he allows nobody the honor of killing him. Brutus was the better tragic hero because he was more honorable, had a lesser tragic flaw, and his downfall led to more pity among the
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