Julius Caesar Brutus Mistakes Essay

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In Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare portrays Marcus Brutus as the tragic hero whose tragic flaws lead to him paving the way to his own downfall. The plot of Julius Caesar follows the plot structure of a typical Elizabethan drama. In the first two and a half acts Brutus's fortune rises. In the middle of the third act is the turning point of the Marcus Brutus's fortune. For the rest of the play, the tragic hero's fortune rapidly declines, as a result of mistake that Brutus made, until by the end of Act 5, Brutus commits suicide because he saw nothing left in the world for him to live for. Because Brutus was idealistic and naïve, he made three mistakes which led to his downfall. During the Feast of Lupercal, Cassius approaches Brutus and begins to plant the idea that Julius Caesar was becoming a tyrant and deserved for Brutus to kill him. When Cassius asks Brutus for his approval and for Brutus to lead the conspiracy, Brutus replied that he would think about the proposal and tell Cassius an answer in the morning. That same night, Brutus finds letters in his office forged by Cassius saying that all the influential members of Rome believe that Caesar is…show more content…
To Brutus, this choice seemed like an obvious choice to him. The thought that Antony had enough determination to think up of a plan and carry out a plan to overthrow Brutus did not even cross Brutus's mind. The rest of the conspirators strongly disagreed with Brutus on his thought that “Antony is but a limb of Caesar”. Nevertheless, Brutus was just appointed as the head of the conspiracy and as the head, he had a final say in all matters. In addition, the conspirators knew that Brutus was essential in order for the conspiracy to have any power as Casca said “His countenance, like richest alchemy/ Will change to virtue and to worthiness”. As a result of his power due to his leadership, Antony was let live contrary to the beliefs of the other
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