Julius Caesar Brutus Quotes

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Quotes : ”There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries .”(4.3.11) This quote is important because it sums up the idea of interaction between fate of people and free will.Brutus imagines having effect on both fate and free will. Furthermore,people have to be insightful on knowing the opportunity brought from fate.Brutus and Cassius discussed the final they faced of war with Octavian and Marcus Antonius.Cassius was nagging that that they put together their forces at Sardis. They were going to take ownership of the secure location and get some breath.The quote reveals that Brutus thinks that power was a force that ebbs and flows in time , and that one must go with the flow.It foreshadows ships need high tides to leave or enter a port.Guys can’t control the tides. Subsequently the quote stood out to me because when tides come or move from the coast , the ships that wait must stand still by not doing any delays.This foreshadows what Brutus said about ripe time, then says that they…show more content…
Cassius and Brutus and his other commander is preparing to go fight Marc Anthony and Octavius , they’re focused on requiting the killing of Julius Caesar and getting power in Rome.The quote foreshadows some people believing that if your right palm itches, you will come into contact with someone new.On the other hand an itchy left palm means that money is coming your way soon.Brutus was mad he thinks that Cassius with held finances from him.In addition the quote revealed that they will eventually amend , after attempts of suicide.In act 4 Brutus tells Cassius that he is condemned to have a itching
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