Brutus's Hatred In Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar is a widely known, famous play read in schools everywhere. The basis of the story is that a group of cruel men ban together to kill their ruler. It’s only natural that people assume that this is s highly organized group of killers, however this is just not the case. From the beginning the leaders of the group have clear intentions. While Cassius, a man that has a clear hatred for Caesar, may think he persuaded Brutus into thinking Caesar is a bad man that is no good for Rome, it becomes apparent that Brutus has formed those ideas on his own. Cassius is adamant on getting Brutus on his side which seems to be the beginning of their problems. Cassius orders fake letters to be presented to Brutus yo convince him that the people…show more content…
Eagles are a positive sign sent by zeus. Unfortunately for them as they marched on and got closer the eagles flew away and were replaced with crows and vultures, birds of death. When Cassius expresses his concern to Brutus, he is met with a similar message of that he gave to Casca. Brutus explains to him that he does not believe in those things and the subject is brushed off. The men not only ignorantly ignore the obvious, but they also focus to much on their…show more content…
Emotion tied all these men together. They told the citizens and even themselves at times that their actions were for the good of Rome but could never give good reason as to how. Each man, Brutus as an exception, had personal hatred for Caesar. They even rejected plans to kill Antony- Caesar’s companion- in addition, because he hadn’t done anything to them. This was extremely poor planning. Because of the men’s emotions, their work was sloppy. The Execution of killing Caesar was done well but what followed was an absolutely mess. They had made no plans for after the murder of Caesar. They turned to Brutus for guidance and his only instruction was to bathe their hands in the blood of their enemy and celebrate. Brutus even foolishly allowed Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral because of lack of planning. This is how Antony became their
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