Julius Caesar Charismatic Leader

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In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, a Brutus plots the death of his friend Caesar, a successful leader, for the good of Rome. Mark Antony, Caesar’s loyal friend, plans revenge over the murder of Caesar. Although Mark Antony seems manipulative, impulsive, and unscrupulous, he is actually a gifted orator, and a shrewd and charismatic that made him an effective leader. Firstly, the Romans saw Antony as charismatic leader. They willingly listened to and agreed with his opinions. For example, when Antony is giving his speech, a plebeian shouts out “They were villains, murderers.” (3.2.167). The statement offers agreement with Antony on his belief of the conspirators which emphasises the plebeians trust in him. Most believe that Antony is a great leader because no Roman citizens spoke out against…show more content…
Similarly, later on in Antony 's speech, another Roman citizen says “We’ll mutiny.” (3.2.244) . The statement expresses the citizens’ loyalty towards Antony and Caesar, because of the fact that the Roman citizens are willing to take action in revenge of Caesar’s murder. The citizens’ loyalty conveys that Antony is a charismatic leader. While it is true that Antony is manipulative; nevertheless, he is a gifted orator. Although Antony takes advantage of Brutus’ trusting nature by promising not to blame the conspirators during his speech at Caesar’s funeral, he utilizes words and devices strategically to persuade the citizens of Rome. For example, when Antony is speaking at Caesar’s funeral, he states “For I have neither wit, nor words, nor worth / Action nor utterance, nor the power of speech / To stir men’s blood” (3.2.233-235). The irony
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