Julius Caesar Essay: Greatest Military Mind In History

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The Life of Julius Caesar
The History staff uses facts and evidence to support their claim that Julius Caesar is often remembered as one of the greatest military minds in history and credited with laying the foundation for the Roman Empire. The History Staff supports their claim by including his life before he was known for his many achievements and the First Triumvirate that started his career. The History Staff uses the many battles he fought in or led to also support their claim. The History Staff concludes with the events that led up to the death of Julius Caesar. The author uses these many facts to support their claim so as to create a scholarly and accurate argument.
The History Staff explains Julius Caesar’s life before his many achievements and the beginning of the First Triumvirate. Julius Caesar was born into a patrician, noble family “and was the nephew of another famous Roman general, Marius” (History.com Staff). After his Uncle Marius died, his life was in danger. To resolve his problem, he began his political and military career by working with Pompey the Great and Crassus. The three of them worked together and was known as the First Triumvirate they “controlled
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Julius Caesar halted the advance of the Helvetii in Switzerland from migrating into Gaul “Caesar decided that they would be a great threat to the Roman province, and in a great battle he sent them back into their homeland” (History.com Staff). Julius Caesar is also said to have protected the chieftains of central Gaul from an “German invader from across Rhine, Ariovistus and drove them out of Gaul” (History.com Staff). Julius Caesar went through a series of several battles in northern Gaul, he stopped a Celtic attack, dealt with a major revolt by Gallic chieftains, and began a civil war with Pompey the Great. These facts help to support the claim that Julius Caesar was one of the greatest military minds in
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