Julius Caesar Essay: Is Caesar A Great Leader?

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Julius Caesar by William Caesar has shown evidence and proof that Caesar would of been a great leader and wanted the best for Rome. Julius Caesar rejected the crown 3 times. Caesar also left orchards and 75 drachmas for each citizens. That showing that Julius Caesar cared about Rome and the people of Rome. “Thou art the ruins of the noblest man That ever lived in the tide of times”

Caesar being the best choice for the leader of Rome you may ask who would be the worst? Within reading this play there’s evidence of Brutus making a terrible leader. Brutus was Caesar's best friend there’s the assumption that you would tell them your opinion and ideas? Yet Brutus goes behind his back and joins the conspirators killing his best friend Julius Caesar. As read “Et tu Brute” Caesar
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Let’s start with the positives first . Cassius can start a group quickly such as the group of conspirators. He also finished his goal of killing Caesar. Cassius was right about one thing for sure and that was not wanting to Philippi. Cassius knew and warned Brutus yet Brutus was being stubborn for better words and did not listen. Cassius was suicidal and didn’t exactly speak his opinion when it was needed or could of been heard. Cassius also killed one of his own men during war who was a coward! That shows major disloyalty with Cassius knowing that they shouldn’t of gone to Philippi in the first place.
Julius Caesar would of made a great leader for Rome and showed loyalty and gave to his country in his will . The other two characters that were mentioned Cassius, and Brutus have shown multiple reasons not to be trusted or strong . Cassius being very weak but still reached his goal. Brutus being strong but did not reach his goal. “Thou art the ruins of the noblest man That ever lived in the tide of times.” Caesar was a noble leader and would of perfectly taken care of rome and the people of
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