Julius Caesar Greek Influences

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As the whole class rushes to sit in a circle eager to discuss the novel we were supposed to have read, I try my hardest to be the furthest from the teacher in hopes that the bell will ring before it is my turn to talk. The truth is that I did not finish the book. I desperately attempted to make it past the first chapter, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Each page was filled with so much detail that is was overwhelming and exhausting. This is how I felt every time we were assigned a novel to read in English class. That is until we reached our poetry and playwrights part of our course. As I picked up Julius Caesar and read the prologue it was the most fascinating literature I had read. The words flowed off the page as if they were water running off of the table and my mind absorbed them like a sponge. After reading that incredibly captivating story opened me up to the writing of William Shakespeare. Reading Shakespeare is one of the most…show more content…
The ancient Greeks developed their characters to personify natural phenomenons. We now refer to that genre as Greek mythology. In the play, a midsummer night’s dream, there are various examples of mythological influence. Shakespeare uses the names of his characters to reference mythological characters and to help the audience visualize the setting. He also gives some of his character certain abilities that the Greek gods possessed. The introduction to Greek characters through this story, and the research I had to do on them, created my love for mythology and how it has shaped our view of our world and everything we know. The Greek gods and goddesses gave meaning to things such as wind, love, or the rain, and the Greek people worshiped them as gods. I love to read mythological stories because they give me a different perspective on the world and their stories are so fantastical and
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