Empathy In Julius Caesar

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A passage of words always leads to a type of emotion depending on the flow of solitude that turns into a sincere thought, opinion, or statement. Empathy plays a significant role when appealing to others’ motivation and effectiveness of personal thoughts, grabbing one 's full attention with the strategy of ethos, logos, or pathos. In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, the speeches of Brutus and Mark Antony both speak with their fullest disposition to try to gain as much dignity as possible that could be obtained to the listening, appositioned audience. In Emma Gonzales 's speech of the recent Florida shootings, she uses the same concepts as Brutus and Antony but uses more conviction when addressing a gun control rally to express how she felt…show more content…
Marc Antony loves Caesar and was sincerely hurt when Brutus, a respected man to whom was close to Caesar, played a role in the assassination. Brutus was abl persuade the crowd , the people of Rome, in believing that Caesar deserved to die as he was ambitious and that his death was for the better of Rome. Through the speech Marc Antony disproves Brutus as when presented with the crown “ thrice did he refuse”(III.ii.99). Thus he asks if this is the crowds view of an honorable man which he refers to Brutus, with a tone of sarcasm, and in addition this makes the crowd question their own opinion. The need to avenge Caesar 's death gave Antony a motivation but he also used emotion to win the trust of the Romans. Brutus used logic to persuade the crowd but more specifically he used his own opinion meanwhile Antony used a correlation with of his own opinion as well a the crowd. To him “ He was my [his] friend, faithful and just to [him]” (III.ii.87). Antony provides an intimate experience with Caesar to which the crowd had not been exposed to. The emotion he expresses are with grief and anger. This is evident to the crowd who are taken aback as they see an honorable man crying further persuading the crowd against the conspirators. Antony 's line was the breakthrough to the crowd, as “ Good friends, sweet friends,…show more content…
Brutus’ tactics going into his speech were to influence the minds of the plebeians by using logical and philosophical reasoning to expound the death of Julius Caesar. In Antony 's speech, he was able to coerce the audience using emotion and vengeance. He used personal experiences in order to make the crowd question their position. The use of emotion was effective as the plebeians, with chants and pride, supported Antony. Finally, by using her words to make the public consider the facts, to get them involved in chants, and to create an atmosphere of impassioned fury, Emma Gonzalez creates a sound and justifiable claim that the crowd is not only willing to listen to, but truly believes. All in all, words have the power to influence one’s mindset of perspective and persuasion through any concept, fulfilling one’s reliance of their own
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