Julius Caesar Manipulation Analysis

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The art of manipulation itself is a tactic used by skillfully managing or influencing another, and is especially used in an unfair manner. Throughout the entirety of William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, one can find manipulation weaved within the majority of the actions carried out by the characters within the tragedy. A multitude of characters within The Tragedy of Julius Caesar utilize the tool of manipulation in order to achieve a desired goal. Proceeding the stabbing of Julius Caesar, Antony swore to reek havoc in the name of Caesar by turning the Roman people against the conspirators. With permission from Brutus, Antony was able to manipulate the people of Rome with his manipulative speech packed with various rhetorical…show more content…
In the end, this allows Decius to accomplish his task of getting Caesar to the Senate House. Likewise, Decius attempts to gain Caesar’s sympathy in hopes of making Caesar give in and go against his wife who begs him to stay behind. In order to gain Caesar’s sympathy, Decius mentions how he wishes to avoid the humiliation of entering the Senate House without Caesar; Decius mentions, “Most mighty Caesar, let me know some cause, / Lest I be laughed at when I tell them so” (II.ii.73-74). By mentioning his desire to avoid public humiliation and to receive a reason as to why Caesar will not leave with him, Decius causes Caesar to consider whether or not it is really necessary to stay behind. This questioning that is done by Caesar enables Decius to easily manipulate Caesar into accomplishing his goal. Decius also uses Caesar’s ego in order to convince him to go to the Senate House; Decius claims, “If Caesar hide himself, shall they not whisper, / ‘Lo, Caesar is afraid’? / Pardon me, Caesar, for my dear dear love / To your proceeding bids me tell you this” (II.ii.104-107). Mentioning the fact that the senators may question Caesar’s credibility and bravery, immediately makes a large impact in favor of Decius. With a troubled Caesar, Decius is able to make him bend to his will with ease, and ultimately accomplishes his task of getting Caesar to the Senate
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