Julius Caesar: Outrage Runs Through Rome

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Outrage runs through Rome. Julius Caesar (100B.C. – 44B.C.) has been assassinated and the Roman Republic which has ruled for centuries is collapsing around everyone involved in that fateful day. Caesar’s right-hand man throughout the Gallic Wars (58B.C. -50B.C.) Mark Antony (83B.C. – 30B.C.) and his adopted heir Octavian (63B.C – 14 A.D.) are out for revenge against the two main men who plotted and killed Caesar on the Idles of March in 44B.C. The hunt was on for those two men who elected to shake the foundations of the republic with the hopes of renewing what it was before Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Those two men were Marcus Junius Brutus (85B.C. – 42B.C.) and Gaius Cassius Longinus (85B.C. -42B.C.) and they were the de facto leaders of…show more content…
Those three men were Antony, Octavian, and another man named Marcus Aemilius Lepidus (89B.C. – 13B.C.) who did not participate in the battle of Philippi. The second triumvirate was a political alliance between these three men who supported what Caesar was trying to do in Rome before he was assassinated. Mark Antony was a Roman general who served in the Gallic wars with Caesar and would go on to serve with Caesar again in the Civil War that took place in Rome before Caesar took over Rome. After Caesar’s death Antony saw him self as the true heir to his legacy and worked hard to make sure he stayed in power. Even though Caesar’s will gave the majority of his wealth to his grandnephew Octavian, Antony took a portion of it for him self along with claiming himself as the Caesarian faction leader. This created a rift in their relationship that would eventually boil over to war after Philippi. Antony led several legions at Philippi and his victory there helped him retain his power in the eastern Roman provinces after the battle. Antony would end up taking his own live after he lost to Octavin and believing that his lover Cleopatra (69B.C. – 30B.C.) had taken her own life in
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