Julius Caesar Persuasive Speech Analysis

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With a strong voice one can change the entire outcome of a conflict and history as it is known. Speeches have been around for centuries and influences the growth and decline of countries, populations, and species. In many of William Shakespeare 's writings, he is able to emphasize the meaning of a persuasive speech which sets the basis for future orators. In one of Shakespeare 's most famous plays, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus and Marc Antony both attempts to move the people with similar but also very different tactics. Their words reveal their true intentions and thoughts, although it may be heard differently by others. William Shakespeare brings light on two powerful men who give extremely persuasive speeches which later…show more content…
When an important figure dies, another takes their place. The people search for a new Caesar to praise and look up to. “It is bitter irony that Brutus, the character in the cast who least desires to be a Caesar, should be the first to be offered the role (Velz 7).” When Brutus says his speech the crowd’s cheers “Caesars better parts/ shall be crown’d in Brutus (Shakespeare 3.2.54-55).” He averts the crowd’s attention to Antony which is a mistake because of how rallied they are to find a successor. This brought more thought upon Antony and his role as a leader in society because others believe that “there’s not a nobler man in Rome (3.2.128).” With this, there is a fight for control and trust because “the role of Caesar will be transferred to the man who can play it best (Velz 8).” However, the crowd also has a fault in themselves. The people who are uneducated and low in the social class follow whoever provides them with what is needed. The fact that they are so gullible and have bias commentary intensifies the speeches of Marcus Brutus and Marc Antony. Through Brutus’s speech the people want to “bring him to his house/ with shouts and clamours (Shakespeare 3.2.56-57)” because they believe he saved Rome from Caesar 's wretched ambition. But as the plot continues, Antony is able to direct them towards his opinion with the help of Caesar 's body and the will. Minutes after praising Brutus for their savior they want to “ burn the house of Brutus (3.2.245)” for his wrong doings. It 's not necessarily just the greed that is driving the people, but the thrill of the fight and being involved in a major decision. The choices one makes has a major effect when trying to leave an abiding impression. Only one man is able to benefit from this debate. Although Brutus provides a compelling speech he is not able to connect with the audience and give what is necessary for
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