Julius Caesar Quote Analysis

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The drama, Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is meant to entertain. After defeating Pompey, Caesar was loved by the plebeians and was going to be made the new ruler of Rome. Not liking the of Caesar as a ruler, a group of senators became a conspiracy and killed Caesar. The senator most responsible for Julius Caesar's death is Cassius. Cassius hates the way Caesar is seen and treated by the plebeians. For example, in Cassius' monologue he says, "And this man/ Is now become a god, and Cassius/ A wretched creature and must bend his body/ If Caesar carelessly nod on him'(I.ii.115-118). This shows Cassius is jealous that Caesar has become a god like figure to the eyes of the commoners and the respect he is given too, even though Caesar is just an ordinary man like Cassius. Therefore, this is important because Cassius motive for killing Caesar is more personally than it is for the good of Rome. Another example, in Cassius' soliloquy he says, "I will this night/ In several hands, in at his window throw/ As they come from several citizens/ Writings all tending to the great opinion"(I.iii.315-319). The quote shows Cassius tricked Brutus with a…show more content…
The senators forming the conspiracy posed a threat to Caesar's life. If there was no conspiracy, there would be no warnings of Caesar's death. Clearly, Cassius is most responsible for Caesar's death. The senator who started the conspiracy was Cassius. To demonstrate. in Cassius' monologue he says, "I have moved already/ some certain of the noblest-minded Romans/To undergo with me on enterprise/ of honable dangerous consequence"(I.iii.122-124). Cassius gathered other senators who also did not like the idea of Caesar as the ruler of Rome to join him in his assassination plan. This is important because Cassius was the first who wanted to get rid of Caesar. Senator Cassius started the conspiracy that killed Julius
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