Julius Caesar Rhetorical Techniques

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When there are elections, politicians have types of speeches to persuade the audience listening. In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Mark Antony uses effective Rhetorical techniques in his speech in order to get the Roman citizens to not support Brutus and the Conspirators but support Caesar. The three rhetorical techniques Antony uses in his speech are Pathos, Imagery, and Verbal Irony. Pathos since it demonstrates feeling towards Caesar's demise and against the Conspirators and needs the citizens to have a similar feeling. Antony utilizes Pathos to raise feelings of the residents. Antony in his speech says "when that the poor cried, Caesar hath wept;" (III.ii.98). With these words, Antony calls attention to Caesar as a decent companion…show more content…
Subsequent to saying that he was offered the crown three times he utilizes Verbal Irony to represent Caesar's unambitious nature on the Roman residents. Antony uses sarcasm by saying "Yet Brutus says he was ambitious, and sure he is an honorable man" (III.ii.104-105). With these words, Antony skillfully suggests that the citizens should defy the Conspirators, he likewise says that Caesar was not ambitious therefore was an honorable man. Antony influences the plebeians to think as one of the citizens reacts that he supposes "much reason in his sayings" (III.ii.114-115). With this response, the residents delineate their loyalty to Caesar. In this manner, Verbal Irony in Antony's discourse is surely successful on the Roman citizens. Antony utilizes Strong techniques in his discourse to inspire Roman individuals to conflict with Brutus and the backstabbers. Antony utilizes 3 techniques Pathos, Imagery, and Verbal irony to influence the Roman Citizens to conflict with Brutus and the Conspirators. He demonstrates pathos, which is feeling, imagery, which is a language that helps the audience visualize what is being described, and Verbal irony, which is words express something in spite of truth or somebody says the opposite they truly feel or mean. Hence those 3 strategies do perform on the Roman
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