Julius Caesar Saladin Research Paper

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THE IMPORTANCE OF THEIR FAMILY & BACKGROUND TO THEIR CAREER Saladin was a very prominent and successful military leader in the 1100’s, winning many crusades, including capturing Jerusalem from the Christian Crusaders. He was also a great political leader, uniting many Muslim regions and founding the Ayyūbid dynasty which lasted more than 50 years. Saladin grew up in a military-active family with many of his extended family members with an important role in the military. His life and career was influenced by his upbringing significantly as a he was exposed to a “military lifestyle” from a young age, without his family and the way they brought him up, he would not have had a military based profession. His family, both extended and immediate members have played a major role in helping him to reach his military and political position as…show more content…
One of his earliest major events was when he joined his uncle, who was an important military commander, in the Syrian army. Saladin helped Shirkuh, his uncle, in leading the 1st and 2nd crusades, which were very successful. He played a vital role in this part of his life but his uncle had a much bigger role in this event as he was the one who helped him grow as a militant combatant and agreed to let Saladin join him. Another one of his, most significant events was when he was appointed the lieutenant of the Egyptian army meaning that he had one of the highest positions in the military. He played major roles in deciding how the military would “interact” with the Christian Crusaders and what the strategic plans for the military would be. This would be a major turning point in Saladin’s life and career. An additional
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