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Assassinations Are Leading the Nation Since mankind was able to mutter its first sounds, it has used language in the form of speeches to convince and convey their opinions. With an excellent speech and charisma, one can accomplish most anything but, one also needs to employ the use of the three modes of persuasion, known as ethos, pathos, and logos. To completely captivate and convince an audience, a balance of all three modes of persuasion should be used. A strong speech can be given using mostly only one mode of persuasion, but that speech can be swiftly toppled by a speech using a mixture of all three, as seen in the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare.
The eloquence of Brutus’s speech regarding Caesar’s death allowed
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Johnson spoke to the whole of America with a speech following a great affliction, President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. By motivating the general populace to avenge President Kennedy’s death, approaching the people of the world with sincerity, and effectively reaching the heart of America through pathos, logos, and ethos, Lyndon B. Johnson successfully soothes the damage of Mr.Kennedy’s assassination. Lyndon B. Johnson influences the core of America through a shared tragedy, Kennedy’s assassination, and uses this angle to convince the citizens listening that he will not cause mayhem nor will he give up what Kennedy started. Mr. Johnson refers to himself and America as ‘we’ quite frequently. In one instance, he uses this pathos to corroborate Kennedy’s ideas of unity without segregation saying, “We will serve all the Nation, not one section or one sector, or one group, but all Americans”(Johnson 1). By approaching the situation with a delicateness and allowing the inhabitants to understand in this devastating time, they are not alone, Mr. Johnson helps comfort the world. It is quite a great feeling to know in a period of desolation, that the people are not unaided and that they do not have to step up and command an entire country. Lyndon’s speech is quite effective for that very reason. Mr. Johnson gives America a ‘security blanket’ promising, “to let all the world know and none misunderstand that I re-dedicate this government to the…show more content…
One may try simply using only ethos, pathos, or logos solely in their speech to try to sway their audience, but as seen in the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, using only one mode can be detrimental to the success of a speech. Comparing the two funeral speeches in The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar to the funeral speech given by Lyndon B. Johnson, there is a striking similarity in the deliverance of Johnson’s speech and that of Marc Antony’s in that they both combine all three modes of persuasion while Brutus overwhelmingly uses one. All in all, the effectiveness, motivation, and approach of a speech or written work is dependent on the combined use of pathos, logos, and
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