Julius Caesar Strengths And Weaknesses

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In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar many characters have flaws and strengths. They use these throughout the play, and as a result; many people are affected by them. These flaws and strengths range from murder to gaining the power of a country. Throughout the play, William Shakespeare develops characters who have both strong and weak attributes, and many of the characters are driven by those characteristics. Julius Caesar is one such character of great authority and rule over the kingdom of Rome. “In using Julius Caesar as a central figure, Shakespeare is less interested in portraying a figure of legendary greatness than he is in creating a character who is consistent with the other aspects of his drama” (“Julius Caesar” Caesar). Though he is not widely liked he does have many faithful companions like Octavius or who Caesar thinks to be a close friend, Brutus. Caesar has many strengths and many weaknesses, but his greatest weakness is arrogance. This is proven many times throughout the book. Many times he talks about how he is an immortal being, and when his own wife begs him not to leave the house on the Ides of March, this was is the response: “Caesar should be a beast without a heart, If he should stay at home today for fear. No, Caesar shall not. Danger knows full well that Caesar is more dangerous than he.” (2.2.45-48) This is just one example of his arrogance, but it is proven many more times throughout the book. Caesar was so arrogant that he didn’t even think
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