Julius Caesar Tragic Hero Quotes

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Samantha Durand
27 October 2015
Dunipace 4th
Julius Caesar Essay
Brutus is the Tragic Hero William Shakespeare wrote “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” to tell the story of the tragedy that happened to him. When Caesar was going to become king, his own friends turned into conspirators against him. Since the conspirators said that Caesar would abuse the power of being king, they decided to murder him for the sake of the Roman people. There is bound to be a tragic hero in “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” because of all the tragedies that occur in the story. In Aristotle’s characteristics of a tragic hero, he named three main tragic hero characteristics. The tragic hero must have a hamartia, a flaw or error of judgement. The hero must be extremely
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Brutus also contains several other characteristics of a tragic hero. For example, Brutus possesses a hamartia. “Th’ abuse of greatness is when it disjoins/ Remorse from power; and, to speak truth of Caesar” (Shakespeare II.1.18-19). In this quote from the story, Brutus is saying that he believes Caesar would abuse the power of being crowned king. Brutus’ hamartia contributes his quilt later in the story. Even though Caesar never got the chance of being king, Brutus would have never known what Caesar would have been like as…show more content…
Caesar contained few characteristics of a tragic hero compared to Brutus. “I rather tell what is to be feared than what I fear; / For always I am Caesar” (Shakespeare I.2.211-212). Caesar, like Brutus, is hubris and thinks fondly of himself. Caesar, so far, only expresses one tragic hero quality. This does not necessarily mean he cannot be a tragic hero. Only having one characteristic just means a character with more tragic hero qualities would be a greater bet. Based on Aristotle’s characteristics of a tragic hero, some would believe Brutus is the tragic hero. Brutus possesses over half of the tragic hero qualities rather than Caesar. “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar” teaches people to never make judgements until they have experienced the same situations that other people have. If someone has too much pride, then it can cause them make the wrong decisions. Nobody should ever judge a book by the book’s
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