Julius Caesar Why Was Brutus Noble

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Was Brutus Noble? In Shakespeare 's’ The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar, one of the main characters, Marcus Brutus, is found dead by the noble Mark Antony, and is called “The Noblest Roman Of Them All” (Julius Caesar Act 5, scene 5, 68–72). Antony 's’ statement is a true one for many reasons. The first reason would be that Brutus was a man who valued his friendships over all else. He also always spoke with honesty, and was a truthful person. The last reason is because he loved Rome, and all of his decisions were based on his love for Rome. Brutus was truly a noble man, and although he made some wrong decisions, he tried his hardest to do what was best for the city that he loved more than himself. Throughout the book, Brutus tried to remain
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