Julius Caesar's Accomplishments

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Julius Caesar is a leader of an army who after some time took over Rome and ruled for may years.Once Julius Caesar took over power, he transformed what became known, the Roman Empire, he did this by hugely expanding its geography and establishing its “Imperial System”. Julius Caesar had an army of 50,000 loyal men that fought for him. When Julius Caesar was told to give someone his power, he refused and headed to attack Italy, he was not allowed to leave the province, however he ignored this law and went on. After some years, Julius returned to Rome (45BC) as a dictator, however he has replaced disloyal senators with his own, loyal senators. 44BC Julius Caesar was killed by people who thought he did not make right decisions.In 44 BC, Caesar was murdered by those politicians who feared that he was too obsessed with his own importance. His murder took place at the Senate House in Rome. After his murder, Rome was divided as to whether it was a good thing or not. …show more content…

Caesar 's General sent Caesar on a mission to obtain a fleet of ships, he has been really successful in completing missions. When Sulla died in 78, Caesar returned to Rome and began a career as a orator/lawyer (throughout his life he was known as an eloquent speaker) and a life as an elegant man-about-town. Caesar had a couple of government positions, however he aimed high and has changed most of the things wrong with Rome. In 59 BC Caesar has also become a governor in Gaul and Spain. In 55 BC he attempted an invasion of Britain. Three years later, in 52 BC, he defeated a union of Gauls. However, his apparent arrogance and ambition brought him great unpopularity and the suspicion of his peers. He made a number of political reforms, which served to give him more power and alienate his fellow senators. In 46 BC, he gave himself the title of 'Prefect of Morals ', which meant he could hold censorial powers without being subjected to them

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