Julius Caesar's Influence On Roman Society

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Julius Caesar is considered one of the world’s best military leaders. He is known for his military power that influenced Rome from 60 B.C. - 44 B.C. He played a huge role in how Rome developed throughout the years because of his military contributions that either played a positive or a negative effect on Roman society. Caesar put in a lot of his effort and energy during the first triumvirate on the conquest of Gaul. He served as consul and later on he became governor of cisalpine and transalpine. The Helvetii in Switzerland in 58 B.C. made an effort to migrate into central Gaul, Julius Caesar believed that if the Helvetti migrated to Gaul they would become a threat to the Roman province. He was able to send the tribe back to their homeland in a great battle. Overtime Julius Caesar became friendly with the chieftains there. They induced him in helping them against Ariovistus, a Roman invader across the Rhine Julius Caesar agreed to help…show more content…
Caesar led his troops across the Rubicon River which became a phrase meaning to take a decisive action that can’t be taken back. At the end of 48 B.c. Julius Caesar was able to kick his enemies out of Italy. He pursued Pompey into Egypt. Caesar was officially made dictator in 47 B.C. this position was usually temporary but he was later on made dictator for life in 44 B.C. Rome had its senate but the real power was with Caesar . Caesar did not want to become the king but the fear of the republicans led the senate to conspire against Caesar and a group of senators ended up killing him believing that the old republican system would return. In conclusion Julius Caesar’s military power affected Rome either positively or negatively from 60 B.C. till 44 B.C. He played an important part in how Roman society developed throughout the years because of his military contributions. He was strong, determined, and decisive which is why he is considered one of the best military leaders of all
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