Julius Caesar's Political Career

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Julius Caesar Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 12 in 100 BC in Rome. He is the son of Gaius Caesar and Aurelia. He appointed dictator for ten years in 47 B, for the life on February 14 in 44 BC. He was married to Cornelia he had one daughter named Julia, then he married Pompiea, alas to Calpurnia. Julius Caesar was tall, and fair-haired. He was well built and the sound of health. Thought he suffered from the occasional epileptic fit. Julius Caesar grew up in a period of unrest and civil war in Rome. The social wars created turmoil all over Italy and Marius, and Sulla were the great leaders of that time. Julius Caesar was excepted at the completion of his education to assume a modest office on the lower end of the long ladder of the Roman political career. however, Julius Caesar was not like other Romans. At a young age he had realized that money was the key to Roman politics as the system had by his time long been corrupt. When he was fifteen years old his father died, with him died the fatherly expectations that Julius Caesar should engage on a modest political career. Instead, Julius Caesar had set out to better himself. His first step was to marry into another but more distinguished family. Further he began building a network of connections some of which with politicians currently out of favour. But, those were…show more content…
For the next few years Caesar had bought popularity, both with the people of Rome as well as with the high and mighty in important places. Achieving the post of aedile Julius Caesar use cit to his fullest advantage. Julius Caesar used bribes, public shows, gladiatorial contests, games, and banquets he employed them all at huge costs to buy favour. But, also acted as a usual for an aedile to renovate public buildings which naturally also impressed some of the less fickle part of the
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