Cleopatra And Julius Caesar Relationship

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Two cities with the biggest interaction that I can think of would have to be Rome and Egypt. This relationship just started off with Rome going into Egypt to have close business relationships to give both cities an edge over their enemies. Later this led to many relationships down the road, which could possibly be another reason why Rome was not stable. Julius Caesar went to Egypt to talk with them about business relations, but this later led to more than this. Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt seduced Julius Caesar to get what she wanted with Rome. Julius Caesar at the time was married and had an affair with her and later we find out shed is pregnant with his baby. This is not good in the eyes of the city because they were not on great terms,…show more content…
Octavian was no match for Antony and destroyed his army. Cleopatra broke the engagement and fled to Egypt (History).Antony decided to follow her, but doing this cause his armies to surrender to Rome. Octavian was not happy with this victory and pursued to find Antony. When Octavian found Antony he told him that Cleopatra was dead and then took his own life. Little did he know that word was going around that she was still alive. Octavian pursued her and found her in her fortress. Cleopatra tried to seduce him, but it didn’t work and she was taken captive. Cleopatra decided she didn’t want to be under his control ad took her own life. Octavian order the execution of her son (History). This led to the annex of Egypt under the Roman Empire.
Rome got the better of this tradeoff between the two cities. A downfall though is the weak being of many of the Roman leaders caused the city to have to rebel and caused many wars. This was a huge habit for many of the Rome leaders to get seduced by a women and power and then get taken out. Although they got to take over Egypt, this whole interaction was started yet again by a Roman leader who could not control themselves. This to me is just another reason why Rome was set back so many times in history and a good example on how leaders got Rome into

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