Julius Casear: A Brief Biography Of Julius Caesar

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JULIUS CAESAR-BIOGRAPHY Julius Casear was born July 100 BC(Before Christ) in Rome, Italy. He was born into a very poor family .At the age of 16 his father past away, he stayed very close to his mother after. Also at the age of 16 he married Cossutia a wealthy woman, he later divorced her and married another woman called Cornelia, daughter to a extremely rich businessman. The emperor Sulla forced Caesar to divorce her. When Julius refused he was put on a list of people to be executed, fortunately his friends had him excused from the list . In his mid 30’S he fought in many wars and battles. In his early 40’s he married Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra which was the start of his slow downfall. Caesar went on the conquer all his opponents in battle, this firmly established his authority. Soon after he was chosen to be one of the two consuls. After the Roman Civil War in 45BC he was voted by the people to be the leader of the Roman army which gave him enough power to declare himself dictator or Emperor of Rome for his life. Many people and senators did not like Caesar as their leader. This included his best friends, who eventually came to kill him. Some Facts .Caesar died in 44 BC, at the age of 66 .A lot of people didn 't like Caesar, but many did. They liked him so much that they voted to get his bust (head and neck) put on a coin, he was the first to have this done. Time Line More in depth analysis •Romulus and Remus where two Brothers who were sons to a wolf. When they
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