Julius Caesar Essay: The Colorful Life Of Caesar

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The Colorful Life of Caesar Enemies… Enemies they’re everywhere, everyone has at least one. He had made these enemies over the time of him being in power. He became an absolute dictator, which he had power of the whole Empire and no other official had even the slightest bit of power. But one of his best friends had stabbed him in the back, almost quite literally; Brutus and Cassius and a part of the senate participated in the assassination of Julius Caesar on the steps of the Theatre of Pompey. Unfortunately for Julius Caesar, he had several powerful enemies. In addition, there were many political situations that had occurred at the time of Caesar being in power. He had gained most of his power from defeating his enemies, his biggest enimeis were right by his side the whole time. But in this process he had also gained many more powerful enemies, some of his eniemes had been he bestest friends Brutus and Cassius. He had tried becoming an absolute dictator. By ruling over all of Rome, he…show more content…
Julius Caesar had most of it, leaving very little for anyone else. Brutus had only one hope of regaining their former power, which involved getting rid of Caesar. The death of a relatively mild autocrat often results in a worse state of affairs. The result here was 13 years of civil war that devastated the Roman world, doomed the republic, and ushered in centuries of emperors. Two days after the assassination, Mark Antony summoned the senate and managed to work out a compromise in which the assassins would not be punished for their acts, but all of Caesar 's appointments would remain valid. By doing this, Antony most likely hoped to avoid large cracks in government forming as a result of Caesar 's death. Antony diminished the goals of the conspirators. “The result unforeseen by the assassins was that Caesar 's death precipitated the end of the Roman Republic” (Julius

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