Julius Erving Impact On Basketball

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Imagine watching a simple play in basketball, the slam dunk. When Julius Erving first stepped on the professional court it was just that, simple, and just two more points on the score board. When Julius Erving performed this simple play, he added his creativity and the ability to stretch the imaginations of the people witnessing it. Today, the dunk is and exciting acrobatic affair, almost every player can soar through the sky. But back in the early seventies, this kind of play was unheard of. Julius Erving was known for his skill and ability on the court, and also how he was able to change the game of basketball forever. If being considered an artist means excelling at a specific hobby of skill and having a significant impact on that …show more content…

Dr. J was a very dominate player of his era of professional basketball. His game featured graceful jump shots, dramatic finishes at the rim, and powerful slam dunks. His acrobatics earned him a spot in the first ever professional dunk contest, in which he took first place (“Julius Erving”). Julius had no fear attacking against taller player too. For Example, the seven foot Careem Abdul-Jabarr. Before the NBA and ABA merged together to form one basketball league, Julius was the face of the ABA. In the 1975 ABA season, Julius lead the league in scoring with 27.4 points per game(“Dr. J operated above the rest”). He would perform insane swoop dunks on a nightly basis. He could jump into the air, and stay there for long periods of time. In Erving’s five ABA seasons, he won two championships, three most valuable player awards, and three scoring titles (“Julius Erving”). His skill and talent influenced future NBA stars, such as Michael Jordan, Dominque Wilkins, and Clyde Drexler to play above the rim (“Julius Erving”). After his time, almost every player has evolved their games like that of Dr. J’s. In his career with the NBA and ABA, he averaged 18.1 points per game, won four most valuable player awards, and claimed three championships. By performing many unbelievable plays, showing his skill and talent, and by performing moves never before seen, these are just a couple of reason’s Julius Erving should be

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