What Are Robert Oppenheimer's Major Accomplishments

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J. Robert Oppenheimer
Julius Robert Oppenheimer was a very successful man in his lifetime. He was known as the father of the atomic bomb and is very important in history. Robert Oppenheimer stood out in his childhood, had many adults accomplishments, and had many major events later in his life.
Julius Robert Oppenheimer was born on April 22, 1904, in New York City, to German Jewish immigrants parents, who were rich. Oppenheimer's father was a German immigrant and his job was importing textiles which he made a fortune doing, and his mother was an American-born painter who had studied in Paris. When he was five years old, he went to Germany to visit his grandfather. Oppenheimer's grandfather gave him
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Robert Oppenheimer was an important American nuclear physicist. In 1939, Robert Oppenheimer wrote a paper, ‘On Continued Gravitational Attraction,’ which predicted the existence of black holes, but his paper lacked sufficient elucidation. In November 1940, Oppenheimer got married to Katherine Peuning Harrison, who was a radical Berkeley student. In May 1941, they had their first child and his name was Peter. Three years later, Oppenheimer had his second child, which was a girl named Katherine, but her nickname was Toni. In 1942, Julius Robert Oppenheimer started to work on the Manhattan Project, where he became most commonly known as the father of the atomic bomb, because he was the director of the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project was the United States building an atomic bomb during the WWII. On July 16, 1945, the first nuclear bomb was exploded with the power of eighteen thousand tons of TNT in the New Mexico desert . After the first bomb was made, two more were dropped into Japan to help end the war. The two bombs that were dropped in Japan were called Little Boy and Fat Man. In 1947, Julius Robert Oppenheimer became the chairman of the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission because he help create the atomic bombs. He was the chairman of the General Advisory Committee from 1947 to

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