Jumah Prayer In Ulam

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Jumah occurs on a Friday, a day when Allah special mercies and blessing granted upon Muslims. Jumah is derived from jama means to gather or to combine and in Islam, the congregational prayer [Jumah prayer] is one of the obligatory acts for Muslims. It’s a great gathering for muslim.
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself consider Jumah, the best day of week. Jumah is considered as eid, it’s favorable for us to free ourselves from all sins and Allah glorifies whatever we wish for and forgives us. Angel accompany us and write down who came first to attend prayer and listening to sermon as a reminder Muslims to remember Allah and be grateful over his favors, whoever miss 3 Jumah prayers in sequence Allah will seal their hearts.
The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “Whoever performs ritual bath (ghhusl) then comes to
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3. “The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to deliver two sermons while standing and sit between them.” (Narrated by Ibn Umar) – Al bukhari
He ﷺ used to deliver two sermon before praying Salatul Jumah. Condition is that two sermon, must include; praise Allah, Shahadatain, blessing upon Prophet ﷺ ,to the advice to fear Allah, recitation of Quran verses and hadith, message of Tawheed and Akhirah. And make special innovation for guidance. Imam should face people during sermon while standing on Mimbar (pulpit).
Jumah prayer has no substitute; whoever misses time of salatul jumah should perform zuhr prayers. It’s only obligatory on free resident males Muslim, the reasons that Jumah is independent fard are
1. As according to hadith it’s not obligatory on sick person because illness may increase and they are not leaving intentionally congregation prayers.
“when the servant ( of Allah) fall ill or travels, then he get reward similar to that he gets for good deed practiced in residence when in good health.” (sahih

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