Jumanji Movie Analysis

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When I saw Jumanji

It was about to be one of the best nights of my life! Me and most of our basketball team were going out to eat, than going to Marcus Theater to see “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”. The movie is about four kids who got sucked into a video game and they must beat it to survive.
First, we ate out at “Pizza Ranch”. The people with me where: Tony, Andrew, Anthony, Nolan, Evan, Jackson and Landin. After that, we went to “Big Lots” to buy some candy for the movie. Than, something bad happened. Landin, while walking in dropped a twenty dollar bill on the street right in front of the store. He panicked. Luckily, he found it.
Now, to the highlight of the night, the movie. Once we walked in, all we had to do was have the guy rip our tickets and then we were in. I got a slushie and a popcorn for the movie. We were all set up, then the cheerleaders walked in. Knowing Tony, I could probably guess that was going to happen. Before the movie, we took some pictures together. Now it’s movie time. In the beginning, there was a lot of worthless previews
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No one knew what was going to happen next. We were watching the movie. Than I look over to tell Evan something...Gone. I turn to Jackson and Nolan to ask where he went... Both gone. Next thing I knew, everyone was gone! All of a sudden,I warped into something. All of my friends were their too. It was a different setting. It looked like a jungle or a safari type thing. Everyone looked confused. Than I pointed out saying “ EVERYONE HOLD UP! We were just watching the movie JUMANJI! In the movie, people go into the game. Do you think we are in…” Everyone screamed “ JUMANJI!” At that moment, we all knew we were in jumanji. Everyone started panicking. Everyone started blaming each other. It got to the point where there was pushing and shoving. Next thing I knew, everyone including me fell off a cliff. I thought for sure this was the end, but then we all came

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