Jumeirah Group Swot Analysis

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Jumeirah Group is a series of luxurious hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants and waterways based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The organization was founded in 1997 with an aim of achieving world class and becoming a successful leading industry. Jumeirah Group joined Dubai Holdings in 2004 becoming a member of the leading group of businesses and projects. To extend this far and in order to maintain goals, Jumeirah Group had to formulate and implement certain business strategies

Jumeirah Group was originated with a goal of being a hospitality industry leader in establishing luxurious hotels, resorts and spa’s. It established luxurious hotels all around the world such as Burj Al Arab the world most luxurious hotel and which is considered a
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Jumeirah group has built a very strong reputation among the hospitality industry. They provide the most luxurious hotels, spas and restaurants that offer a one of a kind experience. They are strategically placed in Dubai, which connects Asia and Europe, in addition to placing their hotels in well-known countries such as China and New York. It is also the only group that has a seven star hotel, which is known worldwide.
The most important thing that strengthens jumeirah is the support from Dubai government, whenever the group is suffering Dubai would finance it and will help in recovering the group. Weaknesses:
Since Dubai is becoming more expensive, hospitality here is also getting expensive. Jumeirah offers luxurious experiences which normally costs a lot but in this case since it is based in Dubai it would be much more expensive. This will narrow the target market to only wealthy consumers. The group also relies greatly on the government, which might have a negative impact if the government wasn’t able to finance the

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