Joseph Coulon De Judsonville Analysis

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The truth is we may never know how Ensign Joseph Coulon de Jumonville died. I read four stories that surround Jumonville’s death; and indeed, his death appears to part of an eighteenth century mystery. ➢ Similarities ➢ Facts: George Washington, aided by Indian leader, Tanaghrisson known as ‘Half-King’ surrounded the French early in the morning. o There was an altercation o A firefight opened in the French camp • Who shot first is unknown o Jumonville asked for a cease fire – to deliver a message/summon o As Jumonville tried to explain himself o Tanaghrisson may have taken his tomahawk and smashed it into Jumonville’s scalp o ➢ Different accounts/deal with circumstantial evidence/half truth o Hearsay – different primary source accounts o COMPARE and…show more content…
3rd Source Link: Empires Collide: The French and Indian War 1754-64 Ruth Sheppard Pages 44 – 46 Tanaghrison, the Half King May 1754, Tanaghrisson aided Washington – French soldiers near Tanaghrisson’s camp – skriminish – Jumonville wounded – and was killed by Tanaghrisson with his tomahawk. de Contrecoeur – 1. made note that Jumonville was killed by the English while reading the summons. 2. Also receives another message, this time from la Chauvignierie, who commanded an outpost at Chiningue, that allied Indians had reported the killing of Jumonville and many of his men while the summons was being read. “Although the exact events will never be fully known, the immense consequences of the incident are impossible to dispute” (Sheppard 45). Summary: 1. We may never know the truth a. Myth vs. truth 2. Hearsay – different primary source accounts a. COMPARE and CONTRAST those primary source accounts i. Musket or tomahawk b. Are there bias’? Is Washington being truthful in his account? c. Missing
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