Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge: The Cause Of Teenage Suicide

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Since 1937 over 2,000 people have died at the Golden Gate Bridge. At 17 years old Kevin Hines life came crashing down he felt like everyone around him was out to hurt and or get him. Along with this he felt extreme paranoia, mania, audio and visual hallucinations, and bipolar disorder. He came to the decision of committing suicide because his brain was telling him in turn tricking him to think that he was a burden to everyone. Soon after explaining the moments before he arrived. He says that he will say the same thing all 19 Golden Gate Bridge survivors have said “[t]he millisecond his hands left the rail it was an instant regret” ( “Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge” 2:20). Teenage suicide is a tragic and harmful choice some children make. The more unfortunate is that these suicides are committed over petty reasons such as social media, serious reasons such as bullying, and harmful and stupid reasons such as drugs and alcohol. When you present one with the question is…show more content…
Some may say yes, some might say no, some may even diverge from answering the question by changing the topic. I strongly believe that teenage suicide is on the rise. Due to the increase in bullying, increase in drugs and alcohol, as well as the impossible standards projected on others by social media. Teenage suicide is a rising problem that must be stopped. To begin, the most known reason for teenage suicide is bullying. For example, “[a] 2009 survey of 7,000 LGBT aged 13-21 revealed… 8 of 10 students had been verbally harassed at school, 4 out of 10 had been physically harassed at school, 6 of 10 felt unsafe at school, 1 of 5 had been the victim of a physical assault at school” signifying, that children are being targeted and bullied because of their differences (‘Discrimination” 1). In this case the difference is sexual orientation. These children choose to embrace what they

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