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Jumping spider are interesting because they move around by jumping around it is one of the most interesting spider in Kentucky. Jumping spiders habitat they mostly stay in temperate forest and tropical rain forest. The jumping spider is a small a spider it can grow to the size of a U.S dime or they can grow up to 13-20 millimeters.They aren 't harmful to humans they they rather run away from humans than attack them the venom is not medically threatening.They don 't have webs but there are fast runners and they mostly will hunt at night time but the cant spin there web so they mostly travel alot and not stay in there web and wait until they catch their lunch.

#1.There is about 500 different kind of jumping spiders that 's about 13% of the spider species.

#2.Jumping spiders have good eye visions there eyes can spin around so that they can almost see at a 360 angle.

#3.Jumping spiders are good at jumping, they use to move and they use to attack their prey when their lease inspecting it.
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There are most commonly mistakenly from the brown recluse spider but the woodlouse spider is not life threatening. They spend in a web of a cocoon and they hunt at night and they do not use their webs for trapping there prey. The woodlouse spider is a interesting spider they could be freaky though but they have there reasons to adapt in our

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