Jumping The Nail Character Analysis

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Elisa Fratello is a character from the book "Jumping the nail". She is the age of 19 and has extensive, beautiful red hair. Elisa has depression and believes that it went away when she got into a relationship. Elisa is also one of the many people that jumped the nail. I chose to write about Elisa because she is a very interesting character and is talked about a lot.

Elisa has depression and believes that her relationship with scooter made it go away. I know that Elisa has depression because in the story she said on page 26 "i don't need them anymore. i don't feel you know... "depressed" Dru finished. Elisa didn't really tell anyone about her issues except for a few people, not even scooter knew I know this because she said on page 20 "he didn't know what i knew
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One example of peer pressure that I found in the book was when Scooter says that he is going to jump the nail but then he actually has to go through with it because he doesn't want to be called a "Chicken". Elisa also got peer pressured. I know Elisa got peer pressured because she said she was going to jump with Scooter but she didn't want anyone to know because she didn't know if she was actually going to jump. Somehow someone figured out that Elisa was going to jump with scooter and when Elisa and Scooter got there people started asking her if she was jumping and she said yes. I know this because she someone says on page 18 "Elisa might be going to jump with him". After that she felt that she had to jump now because everyone was saying she was jumping with Scooter. When Dru tried talking her out of it Elisa says on page 26 "Sometimes a person has to go along. There are things to prove". Another example is that Elisa did not want to jump at all but she wants to do it for Scooter. Elisa says "he would be so mad at me. He wants me to be brave, like he is, to be perfect". This piece of evidence proves that Elisa got peer
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