Jumpsuit Monologue

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The sky started to glow bright orange as I left my office. The sky reminded me to search through my bag for my jumpsuit. I had forgotten it and without it, my journey home would be treacherous. I contentedly went towards the office kitchen to rejuvenate after a day of successful reports. On my way there, I dropped by the supply closet for unclaimed jumpsuits. I clicked open the door. The light from the hallway trickled in the eerie supply closet. The shelves were sparse and then I saw one bleach white jumpsuit so I ran towards it to quickly snatch it. Once I reached it, the door slams shut. I was locked in the darkness. Then I hear cans being dropped and someone’s swift footsteps. Hesitantly, I called out, “Hello, anyone there?” I called out again. Suddenly, someone grabbed onto my shoulder, and attempted to rip the jumpsuit out of my hands. I held onto the jumpsuit with all my strength because I have no way home without it. I felt that person’s hot breath on me. I begin my blood-curdling scream but then that person gently whispers “Shh it’s just me, R.”…show more content…
You’re only doing this so I would fall for your senseless tricks again.” He released me so I turned around. I considerably tightened my grip on my jumpsuit after Theo told me to let go of the jumpsuit. I glared at him, thinking who was he to tell me what to do after all he’s done to me. He began to pull at the jumpsuit and said, “Give it to me R. I’m sure I need it more than you
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