Jumpy Anxiety Disorder In Soldiers

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PTSD is “an anxiety disorder characteristics by hunting memories, nightmares social withdrawal, jumpy anxiety, numbness of feeling and/or insomnia that lingers for four weeks or more after a traumatic experience”. It’s a serious mental illness that develops after a trauma, and it is commonly associated with soldiers, it’s a disorder which is killing a lot of our service members. I’m in the military, and it can happen to me at any time because of the combat I’ve been to, and also because of all the high intense training sections we go through. I feel I should know more about it because I have seen the effects it had on my sister and some of the finest soldiers in our military. This not a sickness to be played with because when hit you is the effects can very dangerous and scary. PSTD is a unique sickness by its own some will develop it some will not, it also takes longer to develop in some than others. Most soldiers who develop this…show more content…
Most service members who try cope with the sickness end up do more damage to themselves before they realize they might need help. The first thing they turn to is alcohol because in the in the army you is not authorized to show weakness but then is alright to get hammed. Anger is one of the symptoms which comes out easily when someone has PTSD. They think people should see their pain and realize it. They channeled everything to themselves and let their emotions control them, busting out with anger every little thing happens, yelling and not wanting to deal with people. Most service members with PTSD have problems sleeping, sleeping disorder or nightmares which turns to keeps them on edge at all times. Flashbacks and posttraumatic stress are one of main symptoms. Flashback is like a trigger it brings them to moment when the disaster happened which make them react quick, snapping, seeking coverage and
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