Jun Ling Yen Chapter Summary

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(Adeline) Jun-ling Yen is an eight-year-old girl, living in Shanghai with her parents. In the beginning of Chapter 11, her father and stepmother return, after three months away – Adeline and her other sibling spent this time joyous and more carefree than when her parents were home. In addition, a close friend of Adeline’s Aunt – Mrs Huang, gave ducklings as presents for all of the children. At home, Jun-ling was maltreated and usually got the end of the stick – in this case, she was given the smallest and scrawniest duckling, but she made a decision to look after it well – she spent her weekends digging up worms for it. One dinnertime, Adeline’s father decided to see how well their dog, Jackie’s, obedience lessons were going, as they were
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