June Fllaum Singer Analysis

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June Flaum Singer is an American author of romance novels that is best known for tackling taboo topics in her novels. Flaum Singer debuted into literary fiction with the publishing of Debutantes in 1982. The novel was a popular and unconventional novel at the time that it instantly went to the top of the bestseller lists of that year. Between 1982 and 1993 she wrote nine more works; seven in fiction and two nonfiction works about house decorating and money management. June is the daughter to Mayer Flaum a painter from Beverly Hills California. Perhaps given that her father was a painter she got interested in men that loved paint and got married to Joseph Singer also a painter. Together the two had four children Valerie, IJ, Brett, and Sharon Singer. Three of their daughters went on to follow in their mother’s footsteps to become novelists and poets. Brett Singer is best knonw as the author of the 1979 published work Petting Zoo. While June Flaum had not been much of a reader, she married into quite the literary family as her husband was son to Israel Joshua Singer of the Brothers Ashkenazi and Yoshe Kalb fame. Given her husband’s interest in literary fiction having translated for his uncle Isaac Bashevis Singer and his father, June got a chance to indulge in great literary work which got her interested in publishing.

June Flaum Singer’s novels are about triumphs, tragedies, love and a whole cacophony of what happens in adulthood and in families. Taking her readers through
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