June Jordan Poem About My Rights Analysis

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June Jordan’s poem, “Poem about my rights” is about a woman who is describing her experiences and the unremittent concern for basic human rights for males and females. It is a personal and emotional poem about her view of the world and how change is needed. Although majority of the poem is written about how Jordan’s basic rights were not given, the poem also includes sections at which the reader sees the need for equal basic rights for both male and female is needed. This essay will comprise of my response to the poem, both as a poem and an oral performance. Throughout the poem Jordan uses repetition and in the oral performance uses her voice to enhance her message and feelings. The poem was written in a time where black people and women were dehumanized where those in power abused the power to gain more and those without power were continuously affected by it. Reading the poem and had an impact on me with the dictation of lexis, however all of these feelings were heightened when I listened to the oral performance.
The poem starts of in the present tense “Even tonight and I need to take a walk” (Jordan 1) which gives a setting to the scene, in the opening few lines Jordan uses the repetition of “I” and “my” which made the poem for me more personal, the use of repetition in the opening part of the poem produced a deeper connection to the poem, repetition of the words placed emphasis and clarity of the words which came after “my body posture my gender identity my age…” (Jordan
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