June Lee Jackson Research Paper

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“On a night when thousands of Paris residents and tourists were reveling and fans were enjoying a soccer match between France and world champion Germany, horror struck in an unprecedented manner. Terrorists -- some with AK-47s, some reportedly with bombs strapped to them – attacked sites throughout the French capitol and at the stadium where the soccer match was underway” (CNN). In a world of constant fighting and terror everyone is in need of leaders that remind them of goodness. Jimmie Lee Jackson, John Lewis, and Barbara Jordan are leaders who fight for good through their determination for equality, beliefs in peace, and passion for justice.
Jimmie Lee Jackson was a good leader because he was determined for equality. Jackson said, “The voting rights act is not a racial entitlement. It is a critical protection of our right to vote” (“The Martin Luther King Jr. center for nonviolent social change”). Jimmie Lee Jackson felt this act was not for one race to be put above the other, but simply everyone the right to vote. He spoke out and did what he had to do because equality was so important to him. Martin Luther King Jr. at Jacksons funeral
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John said, “I believe in non-violence as a way of life, as a way of living” (“Do one thing-quotes for a better world”). John believes fighting should not be a part of life that it will not solve anything. He believes to go about things in a non-violent way. Lewis explains how staying peaceful everyone will be happier when he said, “If you’re not hopeful and optimistic, then just give up. You have to take the long hard look and just believe that if you’re consistent, you will succeed” (“life hack quotes”). Lewis felt that if people stayed consistent and peaceful everyone would come out successful. He believed that fighting would solve nothing. John Lewis was a good leader because he wanted everything to be solved peacefully and none of his followers in harms
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