Jung Typology Characterity Test: The Influence Of Personality And Strengths

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Each and every one of us have our own unique personality. The influence of one’s personality can cause them to either fail or succeed in their career. Therefore, it is important to take focus on this attribute to help enhance one’s success and fulfillment. In this paper, I will discuss the results of the Jung Typology personality test and identify my strengths and weaknesses. Next, I will evaluate how my personality type affect my motivation. Finally, I will consider the steps I can take to increase my strengths and build my weaknesses based upon my new learned knowledge. Personality Test The Jung Typology test revealed that I have an Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging (ENFJ) personality type. As an ENFJ type, we are known to be charismatic, nurturing, caring, and dream believers. We are also known to have great influence and ability to manipulate others with their interpersonal skills and distinctive salesmanship (Humanmetrics Inc., 2018). Our thoughts are based on what we receive from the internal world and base our decisions on emotions rather than logic. Lastly, judging means that we organize all of our experiences as a foundation and stick to the plan (see Appendix A for ENFJ Type Description). (Humanmetrics Inc., 2018). Strengths & Weaknesses The Jung Typology personality test reveals both strengths and weaknesses. First off, I see that having tremendous charisma can be a major strength. However, I also see it as a weakness if others perceive this as some type of

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