Jung Typology Personality Test

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Each and every one of us have our own unique personality. The influence of one’s personality can cause them to either fail or succeed in their career. Therefore, it is important to take focus on this attribute to help enhance one’s success and fulfillment. In this paper, I will discuss the results of the Jung Typology personality test and identify my strengths and weaknesses. Next, I will evaluate how my personality type affect my motivation. Finally, I will consider the steps I can take to increase my strengths and build my weaknesses based upon my new learned knowledge.
Personality Test
The Jung Typology test revealed that I have an Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging (ENFJ) personality type. As an ENFJ type, we are known to be charismatic,
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First, being extraverted increases my chances of having good communication and engagement with management, my supervisor, and co-workers. Secondly, possessing the talent of charisma and interpersonal skills increases the probability to be influential and of beneficial to others. My personality to help and enable others brings about great joy and satisfaction and therefore can increase motivation. Lastly, the criteria of “Judging” in ENFJ, implies that I perceive the world or in this case my work place as an organized structure. This personality aspect affects my motivation because I need structure with clear and direction and objectives. All the mentioned job characteristics above leads to high levels of motivation, satisfaction, and performance. (Redmond & Bower,…show more content…
One way to improve myself is to be aware of conversations and know when to pull back when necessary. I may be good at expressing myself to others, but perhaps I could become a better listener as well. Another goal I can improve on is to learn to accept and recognize that some “discussions is predominantly analytic in nature” and something that I cannot comprehend. But again, listen attentively and patiently without getting annoyed (Humanmetrics Inc., 2018). Last but not least, I need to specifically accept that not all organizations are perfect. Sometimes there are no specific set of rules and guidance clearly written or stated, and I have to be willing to work around it without getting stressed
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