Jungle Adventure Short Story

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The hour’s getting late and the sky’s darkening in the deep, green, luscious jungle of the Riviera Maya. The queues ahead of us look dismaying as we stand, waiting our turn patiently, like we English do! I’m a real adventure seeker and the thought of coming to XPLOR Jungle Adventure Park provoked the feeling of being excited puppy about to be taken on its first walk! When Dad asked if I fancied going at night, to the XPLOR Fuego, my eyes quite literally widened! Being able to see the stars and everything lit by fire: YES PLEASE!! So that was it; we were going to XPLOR Fuego! XPLOR is set in the middle of the Riviera Maya, near Playa Del Carmen, and was a short coach drive from our hotel. It was a short walk to the… ‘Lobby?’ It was a towering underground cavern. Consequently, in its magnificence, it took my breath away! We collected our helmets along with our life jackets and headed toward the corazón (heart). We found ourselves - after a long, yet bracing walk through the hot night air - in another vast underground grotto. Having absolutely no idea what to do first, Mum quickly asked a friendly member of staff. He replied that most people would presumably be pushing straight to the tirolesas (zip wires), so it would be best to try out a different attraction, such as the balsas (rafts) or the anfibios vehículos (amphibious vehicles), as the queues would be shorter at first. We glance around us and see the sign to the amphibious vehicles and head towards the passageway,

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