Personal Narrative-Clark Expedition

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Walking through I felt as though I had been welcomed into the home’s of thousands of creatures, all sheltered under a chain of colossal trees each towering over one another. A roof to many they loomed over leaving spaces for light to seep in. My expedition wasn’t only to walk through observantly but to witness the abundance of life and the burst of color the jungle brought and I felt privileged to be able to.

The air felt moist and I couldn’t help but sweat profusely while treading lightly through the damp soil. Birds hovered over squinting in amazement at the group of people trekking through. Huddled comfortably each wore its own shade of color proudly; small, big, short, tall, each brought its own uniqueness. They glided dodging the
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Half of my team had jumped into the water shouting in wonderment. I slid my trekking boots off one my one carefully making sure not to graze too harshly against my skin. As soon as they were off I dove right into the water submerging myself deeper into the refreshing water. The blistering heat I felt running through my body had disappeared and leaving the water had no appeal to me. I looked back in awe as the water plummeted down thunderously into the tranquil lagoon creating gentle ripples. The metallic buzzing and humming of the insect’s cacophonic song irritated my ears. There was so much going on at the same time, it was hard to focus on a single sound; the chirping of the birds, the slithering of the snakes, the croaking of the frogs it felt overwhelming.

Immense, the world felt immense in nature’s treasured palm and without meaning to I felt insignificant like waves rolling into the ocean. I felt vulnerable and exposed knowing I wasn’t in my territory and as much as that scared me I found comfort in the way every creature in the jungle found a way to live out their own lives in the same surroundings. We had all left the jungle tainted in mud, drenched in the smell of moss. With grime still clogged in my nails the walls put up to separate humans from animals crumbled down and I felt comfortably
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