Jung's Archetypes In Star Wars A New Hope

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In George Lucas' film, Star Wars-A New Hope, Jung's archetypes are established within the films characters and main elements. As a psychiatrist, Jung is interested in how these roles played into our consciousness. Some archetypes which appear in the film are the Outcast, Anima, Mana, the Hero, and The Shadow. All of the following contribute to how Jung's archetypes are translated into action. One of the key elements which reflects an archetype in the films is the Force- a Jedi's source of power. Obi Wan Kenobi teaches Luke the ways of the Jedi, along with telling him how the force is within him and every living thing. The Force is a Jedi's source of energy, therefore it fits into the Mana archetype. Similar to a Buddhist monk, Obi-Wan…show more content…
This contrast is crucial for the later character development in the next few films in which Darth Vader is exposed as Luke's Father. Therefore making him Luke's Shadow. Darth Vader represents using the Force for selfish or evil purposes. However, he later becomes amoral in order to be Luke and Leia's father and the Sith lord takes his place as the devil figure. As Luke learns the ways of the Jedi he is faced with accepting his own dark side which is reflected in his father. Luke Skywalker's character fits the hero archetype, specifically the classic hero as his past is hidden until it is revealed to him by Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan passes on his father's lightsaber which shows Luke's birthright and that he was born to be a…show more content…
However once Han and Luke come to rescue her she becomes the Anima. She makes it clear she doesn't need rescuing and takes an active role in her own rescue. Leia has also taken up a leader position in the Rebel Alliance, therefore she can't be the Maiden. Although Luke and Leia are unaware they are siblings during this film, they create a kind of synergy when they work together which creates syzygy, or both Anima and Animus. Luke is primary the hero in this film but the animus takes on a sub-role for Luke in later films. This could be debated as Leia and Han also become more romantically involved and Han diverges from his original outsider archetype. Therefore the collective role of animus is interchangeable throughout the series. The animal archetype is also seen in the film, characters such as C3PO and R2D2 provide support and aid for Luke. Essentially animals aid the hero in their quest, for example during the garbage shoot scene, C3PO and R2D2 save the group from being squished along with the garbage. R2D2 provides the call to action for Luke as he relays Princess Leia's call for Obi Wan's help. Chewbacca is also under the animal archetype although he is Han Solo's animal. Chewbacca also helps Luke however his loyalties lie with Han as their bond becomes apparent throughout the

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