Junior High Class Research Paper

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I attended Laurelglen Elementary School from second grade to sixth grade. I felt happy and sad that I was leaving that school. I really didn’t hear anything about junior high other than you had five minutes to get to class or else you were late, and that you had to dress out for P.E. My biggest concern was about getting lost and being late to class since it was so big and we only had five minutes to get to class. My first impression of Tevis was how it was bigger than my old school. Junior high was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be, but on the other hand some of the classes were kind of difficult. The most difficult class I’ve had was Mrs. Buchholz history class in seventh grade. It was a challenge because she had us take long notes for tests and I really couldn’t keep up with her at first. Also, the test she had us take where hard if you didn’t study and she would give us about one class period to finish the…show more content…
Dixon’s english and reading class. I would always look forward to going to that class was because of the people that were in there. Also, Mrs. Dixon had a lot of patience with the class because there would be kids talking here and there. Mrs. Dixon wouldn’t yell like other teachers for us to be quiet she would just tell us to be quiet. She is not mean like other teachers as well, also she’s not as strict like others. There would never be a dull moment in this class, there were so many memories.
My favorite memory during the two years here at Tevis when the band went to Disneyland when I was in seventh grade. It is my favorite memory because it was raining and we didn 't have to march. Also one of my friends and I wanted to go on Splash Mountain with the rest of our friends, but they didn 't want to go on because they were scared. So we spent the whole time we were in line convincing them that they were going to get on. When we were on I could here all of them screaming so loud and when the pictures came out
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