Junior Honor Society Reflection

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Throughout my whole experience at Centennial, I have always wanted to join the National Junior Honor’s Society, so I feel very honored to have this opportunity to apply. Last semester, I was part of our school’s Student Council. Being in that group allowed me to see how important leadership is in our daily lives, in and outside of school. I also learned a whole lot about service, considering we had to complete one hour every week. All of these things are important, but the thing that I thought spoke to me personally was this year’s theme. As a student in elementary school, I never had very many friends. I was never invited to parties or hang outs and was always kind of left out. Sure, my classmates didn’t mean to do this to me, but the reality of it hurt. This year, I changed. I took what I had learned and I made something better out of it. I raised my confidence levels and I walked with my head up. Because of this effort, I was no longer alone.…show more content…
I know how it feels to be left out, and let me tell you, it’s not fun. This year, I have been working my hardest to be someone others can lean on. My main goal right now is to be a friend to everyone. Sometimes, it’s hard to go and talk to the new girl or sit by the boy on the end of the table, because we fear that others will judge us for it, but in reality, that is far from true. When people see that you are kind and caring, they will begin to look up to you. It makes me so happy when my friends tell me how much I have influenced their lives. To them, I am someone who they can always talk to and rely on. I have raised their own confidence levels and showed them that they can do anything. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to change people’s lives without even knowing
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