Junior Honor Society Speeches

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to possibly be a part of National Junior Honor Society. I would appreciate being able to be a part of this group to help better the school and it’s environment for people that work there. This would give me a chance to give back to the school district that has gotten me where I am today and has taught me so much. Scholarship, leadership, character, service, and citizenship are qualities not normally seen in every child today and are big shoes to fill. Starting will scholarship, I have displayed this by maintaining the 93% grade average needed to get me to this point in this organization. I intend to keep my grades above that 93% and further my education in school and at home. While leadership is not always my best…show more content…
Since I am the oldest child, I’ve always had to send a good message to my younger siblings and take responsibility for my actions when I didn’t. No one can have perfect character, it is impossible because everyone makes mistakes. I have shown responsibility by doing what 's right even though there might be consequences. When I make a mistake, I feel very bad and try to make up for it by making sure the work is perfect. I am always honest even though I know I could alway take the easy way out by cheating or lying. Service is a very important quality because it shows people can do things out of the good inside of them and not be selfish. I have helped by babysitting and shoveling the snow off my neighbors driveways, but I would like a chance to do more and NJHS would give me the chance to help even more. Citizenship is a gift that many people take for granted because they have to give back in some way. For example, being a member of the U.S. gives people freedom that most places don’t offer, but people take that for granted because they
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