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Junk food is also defined as fast, comfortable, accessible and cheap. But these foods consist mainly of what is called empty calories because the nutritional content is poor. They can be purchased from almost anywhere food and / or other items are sold.

Street food is also generally fast, convenient and cheap. It is easily obtained from a car or truck parked on a street, or temporary fairs and markets mass. Very often, there are strong cultural ties.

Description fast food, junk food and street food
Fast food companies spend billions of dollars on advertising that are primarily aimed at teenagers and young children. Parents, particularly those with low economic status, welcomed the purchasing power of very cheap food. People who do not have
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Popcorn, potato chips, corn chips, onion rings, pretzels, processed and prepackaged cookies, candy, soda; even some cereals are examples of junk food.
Examples of street food by country, region and ethnic group includes homegrown Philly Cheesesteak - City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Currywurst (sausage in chili or spicy tomato sauce on white or whole grain roll with chips) Germany; Samosa (baked or fried savory pastries filled with spices, vegetables and / or minced meat) -India; Sfenji (fried, fluffy, sticky dough pastry) -Morocco; Walkie-talkie (seasoned, cooked, stewed, grilled or feet and heads of chickens) -South Africa, especially Soweto; Yaki-Imo (sweet potatoes roasted over an open fire) -Japan.
Advantages and disadvantages of fast foods, junk foods and Street Foods
Benefits of eating fast foods include the obvious savings in time and money. It may be too busy to cook, do not know how to cook, or just do not like the process. You may be low economic status or have too many mouths to feed, so fast foods are

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