The Negative Effects Of Junk Food

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For decades now, the human race has been plagued by all sorts of modern diseases that now more than ever can be gained through an unhealthy diet. The problem is that a lot of junk food disguised as health food is being commercialized. One prime example can be seen in cranberry juice. The issue in this example, as in many others, lies is the unwritten levels of added sugar on the package. Cranberry is a natural sour fruit. Yet many producers add unimaginable levels of sugar while branding it as a healthy juice. And this is just one example of many.

But whether the problem lies in the food industry trying to increase their revenues still remains to be seen. According to many scientists, the
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The need to increase food levels in a faster way destroyed much of the planet 's ecosystem. At the same time, much of the food that is being made, is thrown away to the garbage before even truly expiring, adding to the greenhouse effect, but that is a different discussion.

Now that we know why the food industry turned to junk food, we can better analyze which ones we should stay away from. It is safe to assume that junk food is disguised as health food to help them be sold to the public. Yet even though in more times than one, these foods have been debunked, the fact that they are still widely popular has to do with both the marketing campaigns and the fact that is truly expensive to eat healthy.

Nevertheless, many of these products can be left aside, even if some of them help to improve the taste of many dishes. Some of these products
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The problem in fast food is its low satiation value, while in the same time sporting chemicals and added sugars. That is why many people who eat at fast food dinners, feel the need to eat again even though a short time passed since they ate. This leads to over eating and obesity. Of course, some might say that some food products such as pizza again falls in the category of junk food. While that might be true for some, for many nutritionists things are a little different. A food product such as pizza, we are talking about the real deal not the frozen one 's from markets, actually contains real nutritional value. Through their ingredients such as tomatoes or cheese, pizza is actually a food from which our bodies can benefit. But as any nutritionist might tell you, eat too much of a food and the effects will be negative.

In the end, there are two factors we must take into consideration, knowledge and moderation. We must inform ourselves of what we are truly eating and eat consume it in moderation. So even tough there is a lot of junk food disguised as health food, we as consumers must inform ourselves about what these foods truly
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